Lost? Or found? Ch.06

Once again Mary wakes up and finds the sun coming through the skylights from a different angle. The whole freakin’ day has gone by, almost.

He looks down at her beside him, “I have to go make the rounds before sundown.”

“I know”, she says as she snuggles even closer.

He laughs and pushes her away, gently, as he gets out of the bed.

“Uhhhh…”, she complains, then, “I’ll come with.”

She throws back the sheet and swings her feet over the side of the bed to the floor… and promptly doubles over almost falling to the floor.

He catches her before she goes in the floor and puts her back to bed, “You need to rest, Love.”

“I don’t want you to leave me”, she whines.

He smiles at her patiently, “I have work to do and you need to rest.”

“I know… FUCK! What is wrong with me?” “I’m not this damned needy.”

“You’re just hormonal.” “Same as last time.” “Plus our rather extreme activities, the past day or so.”

“Look… I have to clear the fish traps, at the very least, then I’ll be back.”

“I know… hurry?”, the last sounds like a frightened child.

“Okay… I’ll just free anything in there… we don’t need them, today.”

Mary knows what has to be done. The fish traps are something like simple mazes. The fish swim in and can’t find their way out. But if left there the fish die. They aren’t sure if it’s safe to eat the others that have been eating on the dead ones. They don’t take chances… if they don’t need the fish, today, they free them.

They have other sources of food. The island has some fruit trees and there are some chickens that the hut’s owner probably brought there at some point. They haven’t wanted to eat the chickens so they can keep having the eggs. They just rounded some of them up and put them in a pen they built, out back. Also out back were some plants in a small garden. It was mostly an herb garden left by the former tenant. It was in a sad state, when they found it. Now it provides a few herbs for cooking, along with tomatoes from a couple of plants they managed to save.

Not a lot of variety, but it’s not prison food, either. With a little creativity, it’s been pretty good, actually.

He goes to clear the fish traps, she lies in the bed and begins to cry. It’s not logical but part of her fears he won’t come back.

“Dammit, Mary”, she mutters under her breath, “Pull it together.”

She swings her feet off the bed again, wiping her eyes, annoyed at the tears she knows are senseless. The pain hits her again but she’s ready for it, this time.

She heaves herself to her feet and makes her way to the kitchen area. Fill the sink, wash the dishes, straighten up, sweep the floor… until she realizes she’s doing the nesting thing. Still, just getting up and moving around helps relieve the pain and pass the time.

She turns around to find him leaning in the doorway, smiling at her as she puts the broom away.

It’s all she can do to keep from running as she goes to him and wraps herself around him.

She winces and makes a little hurt noise as she hugs him.

“Not feeling better”, he decides as he lifts her in his arms and carries her to the bed.

“Cramps?”, he asks as he lies her down and brushes the hair from her face as if she were a child.

“Yeah… I’m just being a wimp”, she smiles, “It’s really not that bad… I’m just not used to them, anymore.”

“Uh huh… plus you’re still sore from the rough stuff last night.”

“I’ll be fine”, she smiles as she tries to sit up and winces again.

He pushes her back down, “Relax, there, Quick Draw, we don’t have any ibuprofen  around here… and certainly no gynecologist if you push yourself.” “You already know we have to be extra careful about some things, around here”, he scolds.

“I know”, she pouts, “I just feel like a wus.”

He kisses her softly on the forehead and tells her as he gets up, “I’m gonna go up on the roof and clean the screens on the water tanks, before it starts raining.”

She lies back and tries to relax. Just knowing he’s in the house makes her feel a lot better. Mary knows it doesn’t make sense but that’s the way she feels.

Lying there, she dozes lightly and dreamily flashes back to another day:

It was their second day on the island. Mary was looking through the nooks and crannies of the hut. They both were. Looking for anything they could use. She opened the tiny door to the tiny pantry/broom closet, looking down she saw the box.

“Oh Sweetheart”, she called to him in a tone so overly sweet that it could only mean trouble, “I think this is one of those things that the big, strapping man should take care of.”

He looked over her shoulder to see a wooden crate marked DYNAMITE. “Hmmm…” he said, “I think you’re right.” “Why don’t you sit here and guard the crate, while I go find a big, strapping man for you?”

She turned around with a stunned look to find him with a smug grin. Mary was accustomed to dealing with guys who were either very insecure or very arrogant. A self deprecating sense of humor was rare in Hollywood.

“Okay”, she asked with a sigh, “what am I missing?”

“I don’t think you’re missing anything.”

“Okay, check me on this… there IS a box of dynamite in the closet, right?”

“You’re very observant”, he teased with a chuckle.

“Fuck you”, she stamped her foot.

“That’s probably not a good idea.”

“What’s not a good idea?”

“Stomping your foot… if that’s really dynamite, it’s probably sweating pure nitroglycerin onto the floor… if you jar it by stomping your foot like that…”, and he’d laughed as the look of horror came over her face.

“You’re telling me there’s nitroglycerin in the floor and you’re laughing about it?” “ARE YOU CRAZY?”

“Weeellll…”, he laughs, “That’s what the doctors keep telling me… but you know how they overreact”, as he waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

She had just stood there looking at him as he laughed about this shit. How the hell can you LAUGH at something like this?

He’d taken her by the shoulders and moved her gently to one side, telling her, “I think you need to go down to the beach and get some sun.”


“Because if I do this wrong, it might just be loud enough to bring those ‘rescue people’ you’ve been waiting for”, he teased.

“I’m not leaving!”

“Let’s see if it really is dynamite, then I’ll decide.”

“YOU will decide?”


He had knelt in front of the box and carefully lifted off the lid… revealing three sticks of dynamite sitting in something that looked like… snot.

“Okay”, his voice serious, suddenly, “NOW you go down to the beach.”

“I’m not leaving.”

“Now!”, his voice was full of menace and the tone left little room for argument.

She walked out softly and carefully, stopping at the door to look back… it was the first time she’d realized how afraid she was of losing him.

She waited on the beach, watching the front of the hut. It was only seconds but it seemed like hours.

He emerged from the door, carrying the box in front of him like a pot of hot water. “Get back”, he called.

“How far?”

“The other side of the island would be good.”

She backed up several yards but couldn’t bring herself to let him out of her sight.

She watched as he sat the box down verrrry gently, dug a small hole in the wet sand and lowered the box into it. She could see him doing something but couldn’t quite see what. He was handling one of the sticks, then he sat it carefully back in the box with one end sticking out. She saw him light the fuse, the take off running her direction.

“UNDER THE TREES!!!”, he yelled as he got closer, while pointing to the tree line.

She ran for the trees… he caught up and grabbed her, throwing her down behind a big rock and getting on top of her to protect her. Then… nothing happened.

“Did something go wrong?”, she asked.

“I used the longest piece of fuse there was.” “Don’t know how long…”

THEN it happened. The explosion was deafening and water and sand rained down on them. She’d been surprised there wasn’t more of it. Once she could hear again, he’d explained it was because of the hole… it had forced most of the force of the explosion to go straight up.

Right then, all she’d known was that he had risked his life to protect her… again. It did something to her. It just washed over her, without warning. The relief that he was still OK… the relief that she wasn’t going to be stranded here alone… the feeling of safety she had when he was around.

It was the first of many times she had sexually assaulted him.

She’d knocked him down and straddled him, covering his mouth with her own, she’d kissed him long and deep. Tensions had built, low in her body, demanding to be released.

She had gotten up that morning and only put on her shirt and panties, her jeans hadn’t quite dried, yet. The shirt came off over her head. She sat atop him and threw her shoulders back, “Take me!”, she said… at least she thought she said it… she couldn’t hear herself, at that point.

He obviously couldn’t hear her, either but the smile he gave her showed that he knew what she was saying, nonetheless. As did the sudden swelling she could feel coming from inside his jeans. She shifted her hips back and forth a couple of times, doing the high school ‘dry hump’ thing, then started tearing at the button and zipper. She’d wanted those jeans off. She’d wanted access to that swollen member inside. She’d wanted it inside her, instead.

She got his jeans down and took off her panties as he lay there and looked at her.They both tried to speak but neither could hear the other. She mounted him and started to slide up and down. She hadn’t quite been wet enough. It hurt. She hadn’t cared. Within a few strokes, she got enough lubrication going to go harder. She went harder.

Later he had told her that she looked like she was riding one of those mechanical bulls. She bounced up and down with wild abandon, as he rose and fell, matching her rhythm. Suddenly she stopped with him all the way inside her and started grinding her clit on his pelvis, then picked up a rocking motion, giving her both the in and out as well as rubbing the clit. There was nothing gentle about it. Nothing slow and loving… nothing of which poets and love songs speak.

It was savage and brutal. Pure primal lust. If his cock had been long enough to burst through the top of her head, it wouldn’t have been enough for her, at that moment. She wanted sex, pain, something, anything… any sensation that let her know she was still alive. She wanted to feel alive. Sex was alive. She wanted to feel safe… he was safety.

Her legs were burning… she barely noticed. Her cunt was aching… she ignored it. Orgasm was approaching like a speeding train…she was running toward it as hard and fast as she could.

She rode him harder and harder until she went one bit to far and he slid out of her pussy. When she went back down, his engorged cock plundered her ass. She could feel the pain and the tearing and the burning as she impaled herself, ferally and viciously, over and over.

Even as the crest of her climax thundered over her, she didn’t slow down. It didn’t matter. It had ceased to even be about sex or lust. The pain in her ass meant she was alive. His cock in her ass meant she was safe. There was nothing else just pain… safe… alive… HIM…

She barely noticed when he spasmed and poured hot cum into her bowels. She kept on plunging herself up and down. His cock started to soften and she cried, “NOOOO!!” as it fell from her ass. The pain was gone… she wasn’t alive if there was no pain. He wasn’t inside her… she wasn’t safe if he wasn’t inside her.

He tried to grab her, to hold her to tell her it was okay… she couldn’t understand any of that. Her hearing had returned by that point but it made no difference. She dove for the dirt beside him and clawed and scratched frantically to get turned around. He’d tried to stop her but she wouldn’t let him. She was wild with fear. Panicked. It was only when she got turned around, grabbed his dick and shoved her mouth down on it that the panic started to recede.

She sucked on him like a child with a pacifier. It had been the first time she’d done that. It had been only her second time for anal sex. And as they lay there with her sucking gently on his penis and him stroking her hair… it was the first time they’d fallen asleep like that.

Now, her dream memory is interrupted as she feels him crawl into the bed next to her and take her softly in his arms. He kisses her lovingly. She returns the kiss even though half asleep. Then she moves down and takes his cock into her mouth. Once again he strokes her hair saying, “Good girl.”

Once again they fall asleep in this position and once again she feels safe.

Chapter 7… this way…

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