Psycho Sindy Ch. 12

The building is one of those that Karen has only seen on TV. At least the inside.

Some of the apartments have been on those TV shows about how rich people live.

And people like Karen aren’t normally allowed past security. She giggles at herself, as the thought crosses her mind that she might be arrested for impersonating a rich person, for trying to walk in the front door.

Sindy gives her a questioning look.

Karen waves her off, “Just thought of something silly.”

“How unusual”, Sindy teases her.

“What can I say?”  “I crack myself up.”

Sindy starts to make another comment but they’ve arrived at the security desk. She tells the guard who she is and that she’s here to meet the real estate woman to look at apartment number ‘whatever’, they call up and check, then give she and Karen directions to the elevators.

As they get on the elevator, “So, do we have a plan, Sindy?”

“Nope.”  “I don’t really know enough about her; we’ll size her up, then come up with a way to take her down.”

“I thought you ran some super deluxe background check on her?”

“Yeah but that doesn’t give the kind of info we’re going to need.”  “Like if she gets all gooey from being spanked, and such.”  “I DID find out that she’s not above giving a couple of blowjobs to close a deal.”  “Not sure if she’ll munch on pussy for a quick buck.”

“Even if she does, is that enough to really do what you want to with her?”  “Don’t you need more than that?”

“Yeah.”  “That’s why we’re here.”  “I have to size her up and see what we have to work with.”

“So we’re not going to get to humiliate and torture her, today?”

“No, Karen, not today.” Sindy gives her a wry look.

Karen gives a little fake pout, “Damn, I shaved my legs and everything.”

They laugh at that, as they get off the elevator, having arrived at their floor.

Alexandra, the real estate woman, is waiting for them just outside the elevator doors.

“Ah, Ms. Branson, right on time, so good to see you, again.” Her big smile almost looks genuine.

Karen starts keeping score, in her head. Point number one… they aren’t ‘right on time’. Sindy made a point of getting there no less than twenty minutes late. She wanted to be sure to keep Alexandra waiting. It was all about establishing dominance, from the start. Showing Alexandra that Sindy is more important than she is, so Sindy’s time is more important, while Alexandra’s time doesn’t matter.

She turns that high wattage smile to Karen and reaches out to shake hands, “Hello, I’m Alexandra…. I saw you with Miss Branson at the diner, the other morning but I don’t think I caught the name?”

Karen takes her hand as Sindy cuts in to make the formal introduction.

“Alex, this is my friend, Karen.”  She puts a bit of emphasis on the word, ‘friend’.

Karen watches as Alex starts factoring that bit of information into her equations.

She doesn’t miss a beat, though, as she ushers them toward the apartment they’ve come to see, with a grand gesture.

Karen watches her, as she and Sindy follow. Something isn’t quite right about this woman but she can’t put her finger on it.

Alex is impeccably dressed in a designer skirt suit, fashionable heels, nice accessories… but something is just a bit ‘wrong’, somehow.

Sindy catches her perturbed look. She leans in and whispers, “About one inch too much of everything.”

Karen gapes as the light dawns, the clouds part and all is revealed. Sindy nailed it. The heels are about one inch too high. The skirt is about one inch too short and about a half size too tight. And she’s showing about one inch too much cleavage.

Just enough slut factor to make a man want to fuck her, without being overt enough to piss off his wife. Nothing she could get called out on. At least not one thing. But taken as a whole… there’s a definite slut vibe going on. An expensive slut, to be sure, but nonetheless…

Sindy and Karen swap whispers:

“Close your mouth, Karen.”

“She’s good.”

“I’m better.”

“That’s what tends to scare me.”

“You think that’s by accident?”

“I… we…”, Karen gapes again.

Sindy grins at her, “Close your mouth, Karen.”

They slow just a bit, forcing Alex to wait for them. Karen realizes it’s deliberate, when she tries to move ahead to catch up to Alex. Sindy holds her back. It’s another one of those techniques to establish dominance. They show up when they please. They set the pace on the way to the apartment. They force Alex to adjust to them.

Even calling her Alex is part of that. Sindy already found out that she doesn’t like it. And Karen noticed that she gets a bit edgy when Sindy uses it. Somehow it seems to deflate her ego every time she hears it.

Karen doesn’t quite know what the deal is but she knows it’s a weakness that Sindy will happily exploit.

Alex opens the door to the apartment with an exaggerated flourish.

Then stands there, waiting for Sindy and Karen to get around to walking in.

It throws off her timing and it shows. She’s planned it all out. The grand flourish leading to the ‘big reveal’. She’s already opening her mouth to start the sales pitch before she realizes that her audience hasn’t quite arrived, yet.

Now she stands there, fidgeting, not quite knowing what to do and looking more than a bit self-conscious.

Just the way Sindy wants her. She’d already filled Karen in on what there is of a plan.

Mostly it’s just to keep her off balance. Break her rhythm. Keep her from launching into any type of canned sales pitch. Ask the right questions, at the wrong times. If she’s showing the living room, ask about the bedrooms. If she’s in the middle of telling you how great the bedroom is… ask about the kitchen.

Interrupt her in mid sentence at every opportunity.

If she says anything about how great she is or how many clients she has… anything to blow her own horn, always give her a patronizing smile as though she were some child trying to get attention, whom you’re just trying to be patient with.

And ALWAYS take any modicum of control away from her.

The game escalates, as they get inside. Alex starts to lead them toward the kitchen, again trying to get into here pitch.

Karen wanders off, toward the bedroom, while Sindy goes to check out the view through the living room windows that lead to the balcony.

Leaving Alex alone in the kitchen, talking to herself.

They both start throwing out questions at her. From opposite directions.

Alex starts talking about the lovely furniture that comes with the apartment, if they want. Sindy makes it clear she wouldn’t be keeping any of it, as she turns up her nose at it.

Alex then says, “Well the building has an in house design team that is excellent.”

“Not if they picked out this stuff”, Karen mumbles, just loud enough for Alex to hear.

“I take it there would be no problem if we tore out this ugly, bland carpet?”, Sindy asks her.

“Of course not… they always put in neutral colors, when trying to sell these things.”

“Neutral bores the Hell out of me.”  Karen’s reply is right on time.

“Karen will be spending a lot of time, here, if I buy it.”  “I want her to be comfy here.”

They can see the lights come on for Alex. She thinks she has the situation figured out, now.

She changes tactics and starts pitching the place to Karen, treating her like the spoiled wife, with a rich husband.

For about five minutes.

Then Sindy asks, “You DO realize that it’s ME who will be buying the place, don’t you, Alex?”

They toy with her, for about half an hour, like two cats playing with a bag of catnip. Each of them demanding her full, undivided attention, even as the other is asking a totally different question.

They slowly get her in the habit of following their lead. She gives up trying to take control and focuses on just trying to stay in the conversation at all. Just trying to catch up, rather than trying to lead these two, who obviously can’t be lead.

Finally, Sindy calls a halt to it all, “I don’t know, Alex, for this kind of money, I just expected a bit… more?”  “If I need to, I can increase the price range, if that’s the problem.”  “Please tell me this isn’t all that’s available, in this town?”

“Maybe we should check with that other broker?”  Karen asks the question, oh so innocently.

“No need for that, I can show you any apartment in town that’s on the market, I can assure you.”

“So you have some that are better than this?”, Sindy asks.

“I’m sure I can find something that will suit you.”

“Well, lets go, then”, Karen chimes in.

“Go where?”  Alex looks at them, a bit confused.

“To look at the other places”, Sindy answers.

“Today?”  “I don’t think I can…”

“Told you we should call that other broker”, Karen tells Sindy, cutting Alex off, in mid sentence.

“Yeah, he WAS talking about that one place that sounded good.” Sindy agrees. “Maybe we should call him and go look at it.”

Alex starts to panic. “Just let me go back to the office and have a look”, she tries to give them her best smile, “I’m sure I will find something perfect for you, in a couple of days.”

Karen sighs and walks off.

Alex looks at Sindy, a bit confused, again.

“I was looking to move into something, next week.”

Karen stamps her foot. “We were going to have a party.”

“We haven’t had a party in weeks”, Sindy clarifies.

Alex is totally at a loss for words, at this point. All she can manage is a bit of stammering gibberish, before she catches herself and shuts up.

Sindy moves closer, half shoving Alex onto one of the stools at the bar that separates the kitchen from the living room.

Moving to Alex’s left side, Sindy moves to just inches away. Placing her hand on the confused woman’s thigh, she slowly starts to move it upward. “Would you like to come to my party, Alex?”

“Well… I… uhm…”, Alex stammers.

“You KNOW what the commission would be on this place… right?”  “About a quarter million?”

“Uhm, well… yeah… but…”

Karen stamps her foot, again. “Hello… I’m IN the freakin’ room!”

Sindy turns to her, suppressing a smile. “Relax, sweetie… I’ll share.”

Sindy moves in and softly kisses Alex on the neck, as Karen moves closer, placing her own hand on Alex’s other thigh.

Alex tries to inch away from Sindy, ever so slightly. She succeeds only in moving that much closer to Karen.

Karen moves in to brush her lips over Alex’s neck, as both she and Sindy move their hands slowly up the girl’s legs, pulling them slightly apart, as they go.

Sindy pretends surprise, when her finger reach the lace tops of the stockings Alex is wearing. “Ooohh… stockings”, she purrs.

“I like stockings”, Karen whispers into Alex’s ear.

Sindy moves her other hand to Alex’s cleavage, tugging at the uppermost fastened button. “How hard would you work, for a quarter million dollars?”  One more tug and the button opens.

They pull her up off the stool and pull her skirt up around her waist, revealing the lacy thong and garter belt, beneath.

Then they start to shove her down, gently, toward the floor.

“Down girl”, Sindy whispers.

They lead, rather than force her down, having gotten her used to following them, in the past hour or so.

Sindy bends down and kisses her on the lips, distracting her while giving Karen a signal.  Karen rolls her eyes but quickly hikes up her own skirt and pushes her thong down.

Alex doesn’t fight the kiss, although she’s a bit reluctant about it… at first.

Sindy moves back from the kiss. Karen steps forward. Her pussy is now right in Alex’s face.

Sindy gently urges Alex’s head forward. Again leading, not forcing. But making it clear what she expects of Alex.

Alex slowly complies, sheepishly giving Karen a timid kiss to her lower lips.

Karen looks at Sindy, “I don’t think she wants that big commission.”

Alex gives a little whimper.

She shyly extends her tongue and gets her first taste of pussy.

Sindy gives Karen an evil smile, knowing that with that first lick, Alex has sealed her own fate.

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