The House that Jack Built Ch.07

We set about the chore of getting Sveta out of the swing. It’s pretty quick, with a little practice… and we’ve had more than a little. Although it slows us down that Sveta is in no condition to help. We kind of leave her in a crumpled heap on the floor.

I start taking down the swing. Kristina opens the secret panel to the toy closet, where we put the pony before. Then she goes to the other side. It’s to the right, as you’re facing the wall. She opens the other door hidden there. It leads into what we call the cell. Pretty much just another bathroom. It has a toilet and a shower head. No real shower enclosure, though, Just a little ‘curb’ about six inches tall form the shower. A small shelf in the shower holds soap and shampoo. There’s a floor drain in the shower area, another in the center of the room to make it easier to clean. The whole room is about six by eight feet. There’s a bench on one wall. Two feet deep and six feet long. If you have good balance, you can sleep on it. Walking into the room, from left to right, you have the shower head, the toilet, then the bench. The whole room, except for the ceiling is covered in ceramic tile.

If you think the house is huge, you’re half right. I actually got a good deal on it because the floor plan was fucked up. Nothing made sense. I added the huge master suite. The screwy floor plan allowed me to add several little hidden rooms, while straightening it out. It also allowed me to add a hidden dungeon in the basement and enlarge the kitchen. The Master bath is now insanely huge… the three original bedrooms are used by the girls… generally when they’ve screwed up and get a ‘time out’ type thing.

Kristina unlocks and removes Svetlana’s shoes and helps her out of the few other remnants of clothing sh’e been left with.

We dump her unceremoniously into the cell, naked, as she whimpers.

Upon closing the door, I loop a finger through the ring in Kristina’s collar, leading her to the bed and throwing her down on it.

Straddling her I jerk down the bra and start to run my cock between her nice juicy tits.

“Thank you, Master”, as she holds them together from the sides to provide maximum friction for me. She looks up at me like a little girl who just got a pony for her birthday.

Most women don’t get much from being tit fucked. For some it’s a naughty thrill that comes from doing something ‘kinky’. Kristina can actually orgasm from it. I think it’s more of her ‘being of service’ thing… but she can have some pretty amazing orgasms… it’s one of her favorite things.

After a few of minutes, I roll over to lie next to her, “Ride me… I have some thinking to do.”

She looks a bit disappointed but she obediently mounts me, inserts my rod into her and slides slowly down, then sets up a slow rocking motion. I don’t have to give her instructions, she knows what I like and just does it. As for what she wants and likes? She wants to please me.

I put my hands behind my head and lie there doing a bit of plotting. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cum in the last twenty-four hours but it ain’t gonna happen again, any time soon. Not even with Kris riding me like this. My poor overworked balls feel like they’re about to implode. The sensation is oddly similar to ‘blue ball’.

Looking up at Kristina, “I think we need at least one more girl in the house.”

“Why, Master, do I not please you enough?”

I can’t help laughing, “With Lisa and Sveta around, I’d never have thought it would be you that asked the dumbest question of the month, around here”, I tease.

A hurt look crosses her face for about a tenth of a second, before she catches on and starts giggling.

“What I mean”, I continue, “Is that now that you’re lead girl, you shouldn’t be bothered with housework and such… you’ll have other, more important responsibilities.”

“Such as?”

“Yelling at them while THEY do the housework, for one”, I chuckle. “Plus some other things like driving them to work, picking them up, bringing them home and of course taking all their money away from them.”

“But Master, you enjoy taking their money so much!”

She has a point, there. It kills Lisa and Svetlana to hand over their money to me. The whimper and whine and beg and plead. It just fucks up their whole outlook on life to hand over their hard earned cash. Sometimes making them do it and seeing how much it hurts them… I just get so horny I have to skullfuck both of them right then.

“Oh I enjoy it… I think I’ll enjoy the looks on their faces much more, when they find out they’ll have to give YOU their money… especially Sveta.”

We both find that idea quite amusing.

There are several interesting things that happen when you laugh and joke while fucking… The whole thing takes on a rather surreal quality, sometimes, simply because it’s out of the norm. Plus it’s just plain fun, at times. Best of all when a woman starts laughing while you’re inside of her, it causes some interesting muscle contractions.

About that time I hear the hair dryer come on and it reminds me of another point I was about to make. “There’s also the fact that there’s quite a bit of housework, cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry… when one of those two are being punished, like Sveta is now, that leaves only one of them for the household chores.” “Especially considering how much of the laundry around here has to be done by hand.”

“Lisa is too stupid to stay out of trouble for long and Sveta is too… Sveta… to behave properly.” “This means that we’ll have only one girl to do all the work, most of the time.” “Add to that the fact that I’ll have certain things for you to do and we could have a situation where I might literally have to go for HOURS without a single blowjob.”

Kris puts her hand over her mouth and gives me a look of genuine fake horror, “HOURS?!?”  “Oh my poor Master… this can not be allowed.”  “MY Master should never have to wait for hours to have his cock sucked!”

“You’re right”, she decides, “We must get you another girl at once; is there anything in particular you would like?”

“Wellll… one of your new duties as lead girl will be the procurement and training of new playthings for me.”

“Hmmm…”, she muses. She stares off and tries to get an evil look on her face as she contemplates this. I have to chuckle a bit at the fact she can’t quite do evil. I don’t think she has a truly evil bone in that mouth watering little body of hers.

Lisa enters the room, Kris looks at her and commands, “Breakfast!”

“Oh great, I’m starved… what are we having?”, comes Lisa’s rather vapid response.

Kris gets a look on her face caught between frustration and amusement. She hangs her head and growls, “Go… Make… Breakfast!”, without ever interrupting her ride. Ya gotta love a woman who can multi-task.

“Oh…”, Lisa says as the light dawns. She quickly leaves the room, presumably headed for the kitchen. We can only hope she doesn’t get lost on the trip. Or burn the fuckin’ house down.

Kristina rolls her eyes, “Master?” “If I’m to recruit new toys for you, can I get them IQ tests, before they move in?”

“Hmmmm… I knew it would be a good idea to make you lead girl… you’ve already improved the system two-hundred percent.”

Kris stifles her laugh, “What kind of woman would you like, Master?” “Maybe something exotic?”

“What do you have on your mind?” “I’ve already got Russian twins… really not sure how much more ‘exotic’ I can get.”

“There’s Lisa’s friend Suzie… the Asian.” “Maybe a Spanish girl?” “There’s a Columbian girl at the club.”

“Hmmm… Lisa really didn’t like watching me fuck Suzie, the last time… I bet she’d HATE having her move in.”

Much laughter ensues, plans are made and Kristina makes real sure that she and Lisa get to work on time tonight.


It’s after three before they get home… Suzie in tow.

Kristina has made sure she’s had a few and is in a party mood. She’s had a bit of a thing for Kris, for quite a while, anyway. And she seemed to enjoy her last visit which I’d arranged to put Lisa in her place.

Suzie is a tiny thing, barely five feet tall. But what’s there is nice. The long straight black hair comes to below her waist. Her ass is more shapely than the norm for Asian women. The breasts are small but firm and ripe.

And tonight she’s ready to play. Kris is happy. I’m doing okay, myself. Lisa is another story.

Suzie had made a pass or two at Lisa, some time ago and gotten shut down, so she’d written Lisa off as far as sex goes. It hadn’t been a problem to Lisa, since she wasn’t into women, anyway. But now it was getting on her nerves. Suzie had been her best friend at one time. Now Suzie was in our home, getting flirty with Kris and I, while totally ignoring Lisa.

It probably didn’t help that Lisa had screwed Suzie over, at one point. Suzie had a customer who was a regular. She not only made a lot of money from the guy, she actually kind of liked him. Lisa had fucked him, then took him for a bundle and walked away. He hadn’t been back to the club, since and wouldn’t return Suzie’s calls.

Kristina pours her some wine, she kills it in one gulp, “Thanks Kristina but we both know I didn’t come over for more alcohol”, then removes her tank top, pushes down her shorts and steps out of them, leaving her naked except for her sandals.

She steps over, starting to kiss Kristina, as I watch while sitting on the couch. Running her hand up Kris’s skirt, she giggles upon reaching her destination, “Kristina, you’re a naughty girl… you’re not wearing any panties!”

“Jack doesn’t allow us to wear panties.”

“Do all of you always do everything Jack says?”, Suzie teases.


“Oooohh, Jack, how do you make all these girls do what you say?”, she asks as she comes over to sit beside me on the couch. Her hand goes straight to my crotch, to trace the outline of my cock through the fabric of my slacks.

Her nipples are stiff, her pupils dilated and her lips are glistening with a hint of dewy moisture. I can see her pulse quickening in her throat as I reach over to trace her damp, lower lips with my fingers.

“First thing I do is teach them not to ask a lot of questions”, I tell her as I lean in and kiss her. I taste the wine on her lips, as I slip my fingers inside her.

I explore her with my fingers, looking for that special spot, even as my tongue explores her mouth. Finding a woman’s G-Spot is a lot like finding the headlight dimmer switch in a new car… it’s in a different place on every model. Once you find it, though, it’s pretty easy to get to, from then on.

As we break the kiss, she starts to ask, “So what’s the second thing you teach theeeeemmmmMM…?”

Needless to say, I found the spot.

Kristina sits down next to her, giggling, “Wait til you see the third thing” and begins to kiss her and fondle her breasts, while I work on her from below.

I remove my fingers and get to my feet, pulling Suzie to hers along with me. Bending over I put her over My shoulder and start toward the bedroom as she squeals and giggles.

Just then I catch a glimpse of Lisa and realize from the look on her face that she’ll probably cause a problem, in just a little bit. I catch Kris’s eye and signal her to get rid of Lisa before she can start any shit.

Lisa starts to make her move, Kristina cuts her off at the pass, barring her way and giving her a warning look.

Leaving my new lead girl to deal with Lisa, I continue to the bedroom with my prize, spanking her playfully as I go, while she moans and laughs.

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