Tina (She’s all in.) Ch 15

Tina is repulsed at having to eat Sindy’s pussy. Yet the attention her own is receiving from Jasmine is getting her turned on.

“Okay, you two little sluts, show your Mistress how much you love each other… lets see some kissy kissy down there”, Sindy commands/chides.

Jasmine doesn’t hesitate she closes the inch between their faces and kisses Tina on the lips.

Tina freezes for a moment, before her self preservation instinct overrides her revulsion to such things… then she starts to return the kiss.

“Oh you two little whores can do better than that, lets see some tongue action”, Sindy scolds them.

Jasmine complies at once, her tongue darts into Tina’s mouth, then licks Tina’s lips.

Tina slowly begins to respond, her own tongue messaging Jasmine’s.

“And keep those fingers, working, too, sluts… I want to see some orgasms from you two lezzie tramps”, Sindy commands.

As one, the two girls sink their fingers into each other’s pussies. Tina draws a sharp breath at the discomfort Jasmine causes her, as her hand runs over Tina’s bruised lips.

Despite herself, Tina can feel the reaction in her cunt as Jasmine fingers her. The last thing she wants is to get turned on by all of this. She wants to hate it and be repulsed by it, but her pussy has ideas of it’s own in this matter. Her pussy has decided to get dripping wet from Jasmine’s attentions. Her heart races faster from her arousal. One part of her hates this, the other part only wants to cum.

Sindy suddenly grabs Jasmine by the hair and jerks her away from Tina, throwing her down on her ass, in the floor.

“On your back, you little slut”, she tells Jasmine, “You should know the position, you’ve spent most of your worthless life on your back with your legs in the air.”

Jasmine lies back, raising her knees. Her palms go flat against the floor, at her sides.

“Tina, get over here and lick this whore’s pussy.”

Tina crawls over and starts to go down on Jasmine.

“Put your hands under her ass, you dumb cunt… and get your ass in the air.”

Tina slides her hands under Jasmine, cradling her ass while bringing her knees up under her to get her own ass in the air.

Sindy steps over to a dresser and takes something from a drawer, Tina can’t see what it is and isn’t sure she wants to know.

When Sindy returns, she kneels down beside Tina and reaches around her waist to tie a pice of rope around her. She lays a riding crop down beside Tina to free up her hands to tie the rope. Tina decides to put more effort into eating Jasmine out. She’s not taking any chances of annoying Sindy. Although from what she’s seen so far, there’s not much she or Jasmine can do to avoid it. Pissed off seems to be Sindy’s natural state.

Sindy stands, taking the crop with her. Bending over she reaches between Tina’s legs and takes up the end of the rope, pulling it tight against Tina’s pussy lips. Pulling it toward Tina’s head, it slides between the ass cheeks.

Then the crop comes down on those cheeks, once on each side.

“You stupid bitch, I told you to eat her pussy… you’d better do it like you mean it, if you know what’s good for you… if you don’t make that little tramp cum, I’ll tear the flesh off your ass with this crop.” She tugs on the rope, pulling it cruelly against Tina’s pussy, to emphasize the point.

Tina find herself suddenly in love with the taste of Jasmine’s pussy. She dives in as though trying to crawl inside. Her tongue flies over every inch, inside and out. Up the lips, around the clit, back down the other side. She tries everything any man has ever done that felt good to her. It seems like an eternity, before Jasmine starts to moan.

“That’s a good little muff diver, Tina… we knew you just needed the proper motivation.”

Tina isn’t about to stop and ask who the ‘we’ are that Sindy mentioned. She pours everything she has into making Jasmine cum… and keeping that crop off her ass.

Jasmine is moaning loudly, now… begging Sindy for permission to cum. Sindy ignores her.

The door opens, Tina doesn’t look to see who it is. Partially because she fears that showing distraction will get her beaten and partially out of shame for being in this situation and being displayed like this.

Two sets of stilletto heels click on the floor as the new entrants draw nearer.

As one says hello to Sindy, Tina recognizes Kristina’s accent.

The door opens again. Another pair of heels comes clacking across the hardwood floor. Their sound is almost drowned out by Jasmine’s moaning and pleading.

“Ah… the girls are all here, now”, Sindy says. “CUM for me Jasmine”, she commands.

The words hardly leave Sindy’s mouth, when Jasmine first relaxes to release control, then shivers and goes rigid, covering Tina’s face with her juices.

“Lick up all that whore juice, slut… we don’t want it staining the floors.”

Tina works diligently to get every drop of Jasmine’s excretions before they get to the floor and to lick up anything off the floor that does drip onto it.

“Sindy?”, Kristina asks, “Why don’t we let her service Carla, next… we can watch Sveta and Jasmine together.”

“Good idea!”

Sindy makes Carla lie down as Jasmine had, then half drags Tina over to her by the rope between her legs.

“More pussy for you to eat, Tina”, she says.

“Yes, Mistress”, Tina whimpers as she begins again with Carla what she thought she’d just finished with Jasmine.

And so it goes. Sveta was next. Then Tina is allowed the honor of eating Kristina, then Sindy.

Then she is forced to start over with Jasmine, again.

Sindy and Kristina watch her and comment between themselves about her technique, what she has to learn and other things.

They take turns beating her with the crop for anything they perceive as a lack of interest or attention to detail in her work.

They call her every name in the book, totally humiliating her. Adding to that humiliation by discussing every flaw on her body. Real or imagined.

Tina doesn’t know which of them it is that shoves the butt plug into her ass, at one point.

She never knows which is tugging on the rope or which is beating her with the crop.

She’d always known that the tongue was a muscle… but she’d never stopped to think about it until hers started to burn from the exertion of servicing five women… repeatedly. And it took much longer to make each one cum, the second time, than the first.

Five women, twice each. Her tongue felt like it was on fire. Her neck was cramping from the position they had kept her in. She doesn’t know how long she’s been at it. Hours, to be sure. Her knees and back ache. Her pussy is raw from the constant tugging at the rope on top of the zipper thing, earlier. And her ass is on fire from the constant beating Kris and Sindy have been giving her with the whip.

As she finishes serving Sindy for the second time, the door opens and Branson and Jack walk in.

Sindy pushes Tina backwards to go sprawling in the floor.

Jack and Branson walk up to stand over her.

“What do you think, Jack?”, Branson asks, “Give me ten dollars for it?”

“I don’t know Jeremy, you just paid five for it last night.” “Personally I think you paid too much, at that.”

“But look at all the training I’ve given her”, Branson chuckles.

“Yeah and I’d have another Sveta or Lisa on my hands.”  “I don’t think I could do that to Kristina… I mean I’m a sadist and all… but damn.”

The two men laugh, Sindy and Kristina join in.

“Besides”, Jack continues, “If I bring another ungrateful, useless bitch into the house, Kris will be so busy beating them into obedience that she won’t have time to suck my cock.”  “Maybe you could just give her to Sindy?”

“Oh hell no”, Sindy chimes in, “I’m not getting stuck with that worthless thing, it can’t even lick pussy properly.” “Hey, Jack has contacts in Eastern Europe, maybe you could sell her to a whorehouse in Bulgaria?”

“I doubt they’d pay enough to cover the shipping”, Jack replies.

They all laugh, hilariously, as they head for the door.

Sindy and Kristina round up all the other girls, taking them with them.

Everybody but Tina. They leave her lying naked in the floor. All alone.

She hears the door lock, as they leave her there. The juices from 6 different other women drying on her face. Having been sold for five dollars, then told that it was too much for her.

There’s nothing left to do but lie in the floor and sob until she falls asleep.

Chapter 16 awaits.

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