Tina (She’s all in.) Ch 11

Tina lies there through… how many orgasms?

She’s long since lost count. It has to be in the dozens, by now.

The machine is tireless, it doesn’t need to rest. It never needs to stop. She has no idea how long she’s been there.  The tall blond driver has come in twice and added lube to the dildos. She completely ignored Tina as she went about her task, both times.

One dildo ponds her ass, relentlessly while the other assaults her cunt. The vibe on her clit turns on and off at irregular intervals and changes speeds every few seconds. Each dildo changes speed and direction every few minutes. They move in and out… the depth of their stroke keeps changing.

Even the orgasms are becoming painful. Every muscle in her body is sore from the exertion that comes as her body is wracked again and again with the throes of climax and the rigor and convulsing that goes along with them.

The window had become a mirror again just after she’d watched Branson and the others leave. She’d heard people just beyond it, several times… talking, laughing… she didn’t know if they were real or just recordings like the recordings of the traffic had been. It had seemed like there were groups of a dozen, the times she had been lucid enough to listen, rather than thrashing around in orgasm.

How many people had seen her this way? How could she go back to her life after this? Every person she met on the street could be someone who had seen her show. Branson has connections… knows people… he could have brought in every judge and lawyer in the state to see this.

“Why is he doing this to me?”, she thinks.

“Because you want it.”

“I never wanted this.”

“You kept coming back.”

“I only did that to close the deal.”

“You did it for the sex, too.”

“He has no right.”

“You belong to him… you gave him the right.”

“I never agreed to this.”

“You never said ‘no’, either.”

The inner dialogue is forgotten as the next wave of pleasure/pain cascades over her body. She lies there sobbing even as she cums once again.

Another thought keeps nagging at edges of her consciousness… as bad as this situation is… could it get worse? Every time she’d thought Branson had taken her to the lowest levels of depravity possible, he’d found some way to make it worse… what did he plan to do next?

As the door opens at the rear of the stage, she fears she may be about to find out.

A woman walks in… one of the Russian girls. The one who had been sitting beside Branson’s friend. She looks like every male fantasy that ever was. She wears only a bra, skirt, garter belt, stockings and shoes with the highest heels Tina has ever seen.

The bra covers almost none of her ample breasts, its purpose seems to be more for displaying them than covering them. The skirt is so short it doesn’t cover anything, either, failing to quite come all the way down over her buttocks. Obviously, like the bra, it’s intended to accentuate her assets rather than cover them. Those spiked heels also accentuate things. Her shapely legs ripple with sinew and her ass is perfectly rounded from being perched atop those heels. She had that permanent pout that women from Eastern Europe are born with and American women spend thousands of dollars trying to buy through injections. Her pretty face is framed with copious amounts of dark hair, long, thick and silky, hanging almost to her waist. She stands there in perfect confidence and perfect comfort, as though she were simply wearing a business suit or something, rather than that sex kitten outfit.

The girl turns off the machine. Tina’s whole body lets out a silent sigh of relief and goes limp.

The girl comes around to the top of the chair, near Tina’s head and lays a finger on her lips, “Shhh.. my name is Kristina… if you want to get off this machine, do exactly as I say.”  “Do you understand?”

Tina nods in agreement.

“I’m going to take the gag from your mouth… don’t say a word, though.”

Tina nods again.

Kristina loosens the buckle behind Tina’s head and takes the penis gag from her mouth, giving her a warning look as she does.

“please?”, Tina whispers.

Kristina clamps a hand over her mouth, “I told you not a sound!”, she whispers back, “If you don’t do what I say… exactly what I say… I can’t help you!” “Do you understand?”

Tina nods, fighting the urge to try to speak. Not that she could with Kristina’s hand over her mouth.

“Good… now I will have to go do something… I will be back in ten minutes… fifteen at most… do you understand?”

Tina nods again.

“I have to put this back in”, Kris says as she replaces the penis gag. She starts out of the room, then turns around as if she had forgotten something. Stepping over to the control panel she switches the machine back on, then leaves.

The machine seems to be fucking Tina even harder than before… at least now she has some hope. At least she has some chance of getting out of here. Her ears strain to hear the sound of Kristina’s return. She has another orgasm against her will… then another… then a third. How long has the Russian girl been gone? Surely it’s been more than fifteen minutes… it feels like an hour.

Finally, the door opens again and Kristina returns.

She looks at her watch, “Ah… twelve minutes.. told you I wouldn’t be long”, as she smiles sweetly and turns the machine off, once again. “I’m going to remove the gag, now… you can let your jaws rest but don’t try to speak.”

Tina nods again.

Kristina removes the gag, Tina doesn’t try to speak this time… she just works her mouth to release the tension on her jaw muscles. She also gives Kristina a pleading look.

“I know.” “Trust me, I’m well aware of what my Master’s inventions can do to your body.” I can get you out of here and off this torture device… but only if you do EXACTLY what I say.” “Do you understand?”

Tina nods yes.

“Will you do whatever I say, without question?”

Tina nods violently in the affirmative.

“Okay… this will be tricky… I’ll have to leave you here one more time.”

Tina shakes her head ‘no’ and gives Kristina a pleading look, as tears well up in her eyes.

“Look, you have already been here for eleven hours… this will just be one more hour.” “If you cooperate, everything will go well… if not…”, she lets it hang there as she waits for Tina’s response.

Tina nods yes… finally… grudgingly.

Kris puts the gag back in, turns the machine back on and leaves again.

Tina braces herself for the onslaught, while wondering at how long they’d left her there. It didn’t seem like eleven hours. Five, maybe. Who the hell knows… it’s hard to keep track of time when you’re being forced to have orgasms, over and over, for everyone to watch.

It doesn’t seem long at all, until Kris returns, this time with a leash in her hand. As has become the habit, she shuts off the machine and removes the gag, “Sorry”, she tells Tina, “It took a little longer than I thought.”

“Do you still want out of here?”

Tina nods.

“Will you do whatever I say?”

Tina nods.

“Okay, you can speak, now, but you have to address me as Mistress, yes Mistress, no Mistress, please Mistress… if you screw up, you’ll be back in here for who knows how long.” “Do you understand?”

Tina shakes her head, then remembers as Kris gives her a look, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good”, Kris smiles at her, “Remember, I am trying to help you but I won’t risk being punished by my Master to do it.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Kristina carefully slides the dildos out, hurriedly loosens all the straps that are holding Tina to the chair and helps her stand.

“Get your muscles working again but hurry, we don’t have much time.”

“What are you planning to do?”

“I told you, no questions… do you understand?”


“Yes, WHAT?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Tina’s mind is in a fog she hasn’t had much sleep of late. The machine has taken a lot out of her, too. She doesn’t have a clue what’s going on but she makes up her mind not to get her new found friend in trouble and lose the only ally she has in this madhouse.

“I have to do one more thing, before we leave… your Master wants your nipples trained like mine are… to be larger and always be erect.”

She reaches into one of the storage areas hidden in the back of the box and takes out a small plastic case. From the case she removes something that looks like a large syringe without a needle. She stretches a small rubber washer over the end of it. Stepping back over to Tina, she sucks Tina’s left nipple into her mouth, running her tongue over it until it stiffens almost painfully. Following that, she places the syringe thing over the nipple, pulls back on the plunger, creating suction… making the teat harder still and stretching it out just a bit. She finishes by rolling the rubber o-ring off the syringe and onto the nipple, then releasing the suction. She repeats the process for the right nipple. The result being about the same odd, near painful, feeling of tightness that one might get from the nipples hardening on a very cold day.

Kris clips the leash onto the ring on Tina’s collar, “Get down on all fours”, she tells her.

“Yes, Mistress”, as Tina complies.

Kris opens the door and starts down the four steps at the rear of the ‘stage’, while Tina crawls after her, having a bit of difficulty navigating the steps. Arriving at the bottom of the steps, she’s immediately pulled impatiently toward the large doors of the theater… or whatever this room is.

Those doors open into the grand entrance hall where Tina had first entered the house. Kris starts up the sweeping staircase with Tina in tow behind her.

About half way up, they hear Sindy’s voice behind them, speaking oh so sweetly, “Oh Kristina… where are you going with Daddy’s new toy?”

Tina’s heart leaps into her throat. She’s certain they’ve been caught. The creepy factor of that sweet sound coming from Sindy’s mouth serves only to punctuate the severity of the situation.

Kristina draws a deep breath, lets out an impatient sigh and turning to Sindy, “I have been instructed to see to a certain aspect of her training… for any details you would need to ask your Father.”

“OOOooohhhh… aren’t you just all kinds of spunky for a slave girl?”  “I may have to ask Jack if I can play with you for a bit.”

“Sindy”, Kris says in a warning tone, “I am my Master’s lead girl… I doubt that he would simply hand me over to you.” “If he did so, I would do as instructed…BY HIM.”

“However”, she continues, “For right here and now, with it being just you and I… I would suggest you take care or you might just find yourself on your knees at MY feet.” “You see, Sindy”, she matches Sindy’s fake sweet tone, “To allow anyone else to take control of me would be a slap in the face to my Master… but to break you down and hand you over to him as a gift… might get me all sorts of recognition.”

Tina is impressed. Sindy scares the shit out of her, yet Kristina has just scolded her as though she were some petulant child. To go nose to nose with Sindy Branson is something few people could do…. and to do it wearing an outfit like Kristina’s? No way. Tina could never have that kind of confidence wearing such an outlandish costume.

Sindy just laughs mildly as Kristina turns back up the stairs dragging Tina behind her.

At the top of the stairs they turn down a long hallway to the last door. Kristina opens the door and leads her inside a luxuriously appointed and quite large bedroom. They stop in the middle of the room.

“Up on your knees”, Kristina commands.

After the scene with Sindy, the thought of defiance never crosses Tina’s mind. Kristina has just replaced Sindy as the scariest creature on the planet.

Kris squats down in front of her, “Listen carefully”, she warns with just a hint of malice in her voice. “This room is certain to have cameras in it… they may be listening or watching, so pay attention.”

“Here is your situation.” “This is a three day weekend.” “Jeremy Branson intends to complete your training by the end of this weekend.” “You will be given one last chance to leave.”

“I want to leave now!”, Tina interrupts.

“Shhh!!”  “Listen!”  “You will be offered the chance to leave… you won’t take it.” “You’re too deep in… you won’t be able to bring yourself to walk away.”  “Even if you did, it would be stupid… you’re half trained and there are dominants who can almost smell it on you.” “Most of those type are predators, like Sindy.” “If you don’t have a Master, one of them will find you and make you their own property.”

“Those kind have tricks… you won’t be able to resist them.”  “And you don’t want to belong to one of them.”

“Kristina… I’m pretty well known as something of a predator, myself”, Tina asserts.

“Maybe in a boardroom or a courtroom… but could you have handled Sindy, on the stairs just now?”

Tina shudders. She’d frozen on those stairs… like a bird about to be eaten by a snake.

“That’s what I thought”, Kris continues, “And trust me, Sindy is just a talented amateur.”

Tears well up in Tina’s eyes, “Kristina… what do I do?!?”

“You learn… quickly.”

“Learn what?”

“You learn to serve a good Master, before he gives up on you and you wind up with a bad one.”

“What do I have to learn?”, Tina whines.

“We start with what I was sent here to teach you.”  “Is it true that you’ve never had sex with another woman?”

“Never”, Tina confirms.

“Then that’s where we start”, Kris stands and passes the leash between her legs, then tugs on it, pulling Tina’s face into her crotch.

“I was sent up here to teach you how to eat pussy, properly.” “Now stick out your tongue and get started… unless you’d rather have Sindy teach you?”

Chapter 12 is here.

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